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Test Plugs

Stemar Test plugs are made of natural rubber with specialized end plates for testing and pressure monitoring applications.

Versatile; can be adapted to work with a leak location kit, set up for blocking only, or customized for a double blocking plug setup with isolated inflation systems.

Common applications include, but are not limited to, pipeline acceptance tests, water tests, sewer air tests, water block & release, and leak location.

Stemar maintains a large inventory of both rental and new plugs up to 96" in diameter.

Help me select my test plug:

Things to keep in mind:

  • What is the Pipe ID?

  • What is the test medium? (air, water, inert gas)

  • What is the max test pressure?

  • Do you have a preference between domestic or imported plugs?

  • How much pipe do I have to install this plug? i.e. How long is the plug? Will it fit?

  • What is the smallest opening this plug has to fit through?

  • Are there any chemicals involved?

  • How long does my inflation line need to be?

  • How am I going to block, brace, or restrain this plug?

Also known as: Fronts, Muni-balls, Air-Loc Leak Locators, FatBoy Testers, Plug w/ Passthroughs


Air Test Plug Specifications

Low Pressure Safety Instructions

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