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Blocking Plugs

Stemar blocking plugs are used in "blocking only" applications where flow stoppage is the only action required from the plug. 

Selecting the optimal blocking plug for your job can mean a world of difference. Savvy and proper use of the correct pipe plug can make or break the profit on a job. Many plug failures are simply due to selecting the wrong type or model of plug. We can help you select the optimal plug specific to your application and jobsite needs.

Common applications for Stemar blocking include blocking sewer flow for pipeline rehabilitation, manhole repairs, wet-well style trash pump bypassing, blocking sewer odors & vapors, and riser-style water testing.

Upon request we can include EPDM, Nitrile, Stainless Steel, and/or other materials to the blocking plug manufacturing process in order to add hydrocarbon and/or other chemically resistant properties to your custom plug.​ Chemical compositions, temperatures, PH levels, techniques and/or durations we receive to design and build your custom plugs will be held under complete confidentiality.

Help me select my blocking plug:

  • What is my Pipe ID?

  • How much back pressure will be exerted on the plug? In other words, how much water or how much pressure is this plug going to be holding back?

  • Do I have a preference between domestic or imported plugs?

  • How much pipe do I have to install this plug? i.e. How long is the plug? Will it fit?

  • Are there any chemicals involved?

  • How long does my inflation line need to be?

  • How am I going to block, brace, or restrain this plug?

Also known as: Backs, Test Balls, Fatboys, Dead Ends, Pigs, Blockers


Blocking Plug Specifications

Low Pressure Safety Instructions

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