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Chipping Hammers

One of the most popular pneumatic hammers, popular with contractors for its lightweight and easy to use size. Commonly used with a clay spade attachment for digging trenches in clay and/or dirt or a point or chisel for breaking out concrete structures.


  • Deep case-hardened alloy steel cylinders

  • Drop-forged handles

  • Replaceable bushing

  • Adjustable exhaust deflector

  • Multiple handle styles available

    • 2-bolt style​

    • 4-bolt style

    • Pistol grip handle

  • Available in 2", 3", and 4" strokes

  • Bolt-style handles with patented ball valve design

  • Piston grip handle with flapper valve design which allows dirt to pass without stopping the tool

Also known as: chippers, breakers, clay spades



Chipping Hammer Specifications

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