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Stemar double bladder joint testers are designed for testing any joint type in all types of pipe  including deflected (up to 5%) fiberglass and plastic pipes.

Stemar double bladder joint testers are rent and sold as complete units with everything required to perform a joint test barring an air compressor and/or water source/pump to inflate the bladder and pressurize the test area.

Stemar double bladder joint testers may be tested up to 100 PSI with air, water, nitrogen, or any non-toxic non-flammable gas.

The Double Bladder Advantage

The primary advantage of a double bladder joint tester is the large test void and wide bladder imprint. The dual bladders allow for a large test void (approx. 3") which lets the joint tester accurately test joints that lack an annular space. The wide bladder imprint (approx. 24") allows the joint tester to be used in a wider range of pipe ID's including deflected (up to 5%) HOBAS, fiberglass, and plastic pipes.

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Stemar Double Bladder Joint Tester Specifications

Joint Tester Safety - Air

Joint Tester Safety - Water

Lansas Double Bladder Joint Tester Manual

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Double Bladder Joint Tester

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