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Gravity Bypass Plugs

Stemar’s gravity bypass plugs are designed for durability while remaining light in weight allowing for easier handling and installation without a need for heavy machinery.


Typical use includes the attachment of two bypass heads on each side of the Flex-Hose to seal off flow and gases from both sides of the manhole and allow repair and/or reconstruction while keeping the host sewer line 100% live.

Stemar’s Wastewater Gravity Bypass Systems are field tested & approved methods of diverting live sewer lines while repairing or adding to existing manholes or sewer relocation projects.

Stemar’s Bypass Systems use gravity with no need for pumps or other expensive machinery & may be used with a wide variety of hose sizes to provide for minimal flow reduction.

Stemar also offers custom bypass assemblies for one or more lateral connections if needed.

Stemar’s Flex-Hose is a specially designed Stemar exclusive product for bypassing live sewer lines. This design is made with a rugged steel wire reinforced helix and offers superior flow and efficiency along with extreme flexibility, shape retention, and durability. 

Stemar also offers Light Weight Bypass Pipe to be attached to larger Stemar Bypass Heads via bolted flanges if desired (for local deliveries only).

Also known as: flow through plugs, bypass plugs, flow throughs, passthroughs, fatboy guzzlers, superflows


Gravity Bypass Specifications

Low Pressure Safety Instructions

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