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Stemar high pressure plugs are designed to seal the host pipe to pressure up to 150 PSI (custom models up to 300 PSI) when properly braced. These plugs are equipped with a centered bypass pipe for introduction your test medium into the pipe. Larger sizes include a second offset bypass for monitoring pressure and/or bleeding air out of the section being tested.

All Stemar high pressure plugs are proud made in the USA with the highest quality steel, natural rubber, and custom synthetic cording reinforcements.

Common applications for Stemar high pressure plugs:

  • Use in water mains, force mains ,and any other hydrostatically tested industrial line.

  • New construction or rehabilitation of desalination plants, wastewater treatment plants, and more

  • Used in lower pressure applications where a typically longer length low pressure plug is too long

  • Stemar high pressure test plugs can be custom manufactured to meet the requirements of your job.

Also known as: high pressure rollup plugs, blind plugs, test plugs


High Pressure Plugs Specifications

High Pressure Safety Instructions

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High Pressure Plugs

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