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Vertical Aluminum Hydraulic Shores

Speed Shore’s aluminum hydraulic Vertical Shores® are the safest, most versatile means of shoring an excavation. Typically, one worker can safely shore a trench as quickly as it is excavated.

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Spot Repairs

Pipe Laying Jobs

Utility Inspections

Trench Excavations & Rescue

Plumbing Repairs

Underground Tank Installation

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Trench Safety Plywood & Finn Form

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Unnamed Design.png

Conforms to OSHA Subpart P Standards

Rope Handle for Lifting/Lowering

In Stock for Rental or Sale

4'x8' Full Sheet

4'x4' Half Sheets

Custom Sizes for Sale on Request


High Volume Shoring Pumps & Release Tools

Pump Up & Pressurize Hydraulic Shores

Release Pressure Remotely


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