Mechanical Plugs

Stemar mechanical pipe plugs require no tools or accessories to secure in the pipe. These plugs are ideal for longer term or even permanent applications and are often a more economical option than other types of pipe plugs.

Stemar carries a wide variety of mechanical pipe plugs. The vast majority of Stemar's mechanical plugs are hand tightened with a wing nut or t-handle to expand the bladder and create a seal in the pipe. Mechanical plugs have a far more limited range of use than your typical pneumatic plugs so it is critical to check your pipe ID against the plug specs before purchasing or renting.


  • Permanent encasement / pipe terminations

  • Available with or without bypass

  • Adaptable expansion range with custom-in-stock rubber gaskets

  • Blocking & releasing flow

  • Sewer air pressure tests

  • Blocking odor & gas

Also known as: Grippers, Kwik 'N Sure, Plumbers Plugs, Posi-Seal, Wing Nut Plugs


T-Handle Gripper Specsheet

Low Pressure Safety Instructions

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