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Pipe Tongs

Stemar Pipe Tongs are your answer for easy, safe and efficient handling of any type of size of pipe. 


  • Proven labor saving tool

  • Usable with virtually any type of crane or excavator

  • Easy to attach

  • Automatic release with complete safety

  • Speeds up job handling operations

  • Allows placing of pipe in trenches with minimum working width

  • Manufactured with the highest quality certified materials and manufacturing processes in fabricated high tensile steel

  • Available for 4" to 48" pipe

  • Custom tongs built on request


  • Water pipe laying

  • Sewer line work

  • Gas main laying

  • Oil and gas pipeline installations

  • Pipe stringing operations

  • Pipe and barstock handling

  • Storage and unloading of pipes from trucks

  • Any cylindrical object

Each tong is stamped with a safety load limit (which should never be exceeded) and for enhanced safety has been build to withstand 3 times the rated load. All tongs conform to applicable state and federal safety standards, and comply with OSHA safety orders. 

Also known as: Pipe clamps, Doty clamps


Pipe Tong Specifications & Pricing

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