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REMO® Cherne Industries:


The Remo® Remote Placement plug provides two advantages:

  1. Eliminates the need to enter confined spaces

  2. Speeds up the pipe plugging process


This under-utilized system is safer and less expensive to use than conventional plugging methods because it requires no confined space equipment to simply block sewer flow. 

A lightweight aluminum pole system is used to place the Remo® plug in the sewer system.


  • Multi-size design to seal multiple pipe sizes

  • Can be locked at a 90° angle to seal openings in drop manholes or oddball pipe locations

  • Can be used as a blocking plug for sewer tests

Also known as: remote placement plugs,
EZ plug, fatboy rapid placement plugs



Remo Plug Specifications

Low Pressure Safety Instructions

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Remo Plugs

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