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Rivetbusters are the most popular demolition tool on the market. Rivetbusters allow for maximum efficiency - they hit almost as hard as 90# breakers while averaging only 30 pounds. The trade off is that Rivetbusters require the most maintenance of any air tool. 

Stemar offers thorough Rivetbuster repairs and tune up services with quick turnaround times.


  • Choice of two handle styles:

    • Pistol-grip handle with outside trigger​

    • Classic "D" handle with inside trigger

  • Choice of three stroke sizes:

    • 6", 8", and 11" (11" hits hardest)​

  • All models of rivetbuster use jumbo extra heavy duty (11x) steel 

    • We carry chisels and points in 12" and 18"​

    • Custom length steel available on request

  • All new air tools come with a 6' steel-braid reinforced whiphose, 1/2" NPT air fitting, and optional in-line oiler and whip check guard.

Did you know? Rivetbusters with longer barrels have less blows-per-minute but hit harder than shorter barrel busters


Rivetbuster Specifications 
(American Pneumatic Tools)

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Rivetbuster Specifications 
(Tamco Tools)

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