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Hydraulic Shoring + Pumps

Stemar has been a SPEED SHORE® distributor for over 60 years.

Stemar's fleet of hydraulic vertical shores are perfect for spot repairs, pipe laying jobs, sewer lateral connections, pot holing for liner jobs, utility inspections, or any number of trenched excavation jobs.


  • 100% above-ground installation eliminates worker exposure to dangerous trench collapses

  • Aluminum alloy construction provides for lightweight and extremely portable systems of exceptional strength

  • Easy-to-use hydraulic system that allows one man installation and removal

  • Safety bleed-off ports eliminate the possibility of overextending the cylinders in a trench too wide for the shore at hand

  • Gauge-regulated high volume shoring pumps quickly fill and expand the shores while ensuring even loading

Also known as: Jacks, Shoring Jacks, Shores, Spreaders


Vertical Shore Specifications

Vertical Shore Tabulated Data

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