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Engine Options

Available with either Honda GX100 or GXR120
Multi-Functional Lever with Detent

Controls throttle, fuel supply and shut-off

Anti-vibration Handle Design

Dramatically reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity

Diaphragm Carburetor

Eliminates fuel leakage in cases where rammer is laid on its side for transport.

Convenient Rollers

Facilitates easy loading into truck beds

Protective Guards

Heavy duty PVC prevents damage to key components

Lower Handle

Allows for easier lifting of
the equipment

Laminated Wood and Steel Shoe

Absorbs and withstands shock and stress

Cyclonic Air Filtration System

Captures 98% of environmental particles to lengthen maintenance intervals and component life

Dual Purpose Digital Gauge
Hour meter: measures usage for gauging service intervals.
Tachometer: engine RPM's displayed for optimum performance and easy troubleshooting.

Built-in large automatic oiler

Flapper valve design allows dirt to pass without stopping the tool

Internally reinforced large malleable 6" iron butt (standard)

Half-moon Pole butt and 3" diameter butt 

(additional options)

Perfect for compacting around utility poles, boxes, structures, or other tight areas when other types of compaction equipment would not fit or risk damage


Reliable engine with Honda GX160 offering easy start-up and low oil shutdown for durability

Cyclonic pre-cleaner captures most airborne contaminants for engine protection and extended service life


Single cast baseplate and eccentric housing lowers center of gravity and increases travel speed by 12% for greater productivity

Hour/tachometer measures runtime and engine rpm

Tubular steel roll bar protects engine components and provides central lifting point

Sealed belt cover keeps dirt and rocks out extending belt life

Open base plate design makes for easier removal of dirt and rock build-up

Cog-tooth belt drive enables longer life compared to conventional V-belts.

Removable water tank can easily be refilled and is largest in class with 13.7 quart capacity


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