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Gravity Bypass Systems

STEMAR's Gravity Bypass Systems:

  1. Stemar Bypass Head

    • Upstream head seals the host pipe to carry any live flow through the bypass hose​

    • DOUBLEHEAD: An optional downstream head can be added to prevent chargeback or backflow

    • Bypass head sizes also refer to the host pipe's inner diameter (pipe ID), never nominal or OD measurements

  2. Stemar Bypass Hose

    • Attaches to Bypass Heads with the use of high torque worm gear clamps​

    • Exclusive to Stemar, our Bypass Hose comes standard with reinforced end cuffs for installation and removal onto Bypass Heads, built-in steel wire helix hose reinforcement that allow greater shape retention and durability, and multiple ply fabric hose reinforcement

  3. Stemar Safetyline with Gauge

    • One required for each Bypass Head to lift/lower into position, inflate, monitor pressure, and delate.

    • Each comes standard with liquid gauge and dual valve system for added jobsite safety

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Bypass in repaired manhole.jpg

Manhole Repairs

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Bypass in drop manhole.jpg

Drop Manholes



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IRWD Bypass 3 Way.jpg
Bypass for Sewer Relocation.JPG
IRWD Bypass 4 way.jpg

Save time & money on sewer relocations & siphon maintenance jobs

Stemar’s Wastewater Gravity Bypass Systems are a reliable and economical method of diverting live sewer lines while repairing or adding to existing manholes or for sewer relocation projects.


Stemar’s Bypass Systems use gravity with no need for pumps or other expensive machinery & may be used with a wide variety of hose/pipe sizes to provide for minimal flow reduction.

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